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Enjoy your owned Koi, trade it and do not forget to feed it regularly!

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In an Asian river a huge school of golden koi was swimming upstream.

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Gaining strength by fighting against the current, the Koi glimmered as they swam through the river.

3 / 7

When they reached a waterfall at the end of the river, many of the koi turned back, letting the flow of the river carry them away.

4 / 7

The remaining koi refused to give up. Leaping from the depths of the river, they attempted to reach the top of the waterfall.

5 / 7

Their efforts caught the attention of local demons, who mocked their efforts and heightened the waterfall.

6 / 7

After one hundred years of jumping, one koi finally reached the top of the waterfall.

7 / 7

The gods recognized the koi for its perseverance and determination and turned it into a dragon.


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